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Sunday, February 28, 2021   /   by Janine Thomson

What is a Bully Offer?

WHAT IS A BULLY OFFER?The best descriptive way to explain bully offers, which are known as a ‘pre-emptive offer’, is an offer that a buyer submits to the sellers before the indicated date, that they will hold or look at any offers. You’ll see this type of behaviour mainly in a ‘hot sellers’ market, where there are more buyers than there are homes for sale. Sellers can make the decision when they list their home for sale to “hold offers” to a certain time and date where they will review all offers. This pressure puts the buyers into a competitive situation and to make a decision quickly. In a bully offer situation, the buyer puts pressure on the seller to accept their offer without considering others. They will submit it to the seller before all other offers are in. Bully offers can be very good and a seller may choose to except it and be done with the day, and by cancelling out other offers on ‘presentation night.’ In a ho ...

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